French lessons on Skype, a new year’s resolution!

You feel the need to do something special in 2020 but you still don’t know what?

Maybe it’s time to learn French! Enjoy classes at home with a native and experienced teacher on Skype and lose the fear of learning a new language. If you already speak French and you just want to brush up your skills, it’s also the right moment!

I compromise myself to fulfill the expectations of every student who contacts me, in other words, I adapt my methodology and practice to every student, whatever are the goals.


And let me give you other good reasons to start French lessons on Skype with me:

· I am en experienced teacher : I have been teaching French for more than 15 years in private schools and companies and I can say I have ever met all types of students.

· We always practice French in order to communicate first, you’ll be quickly able to speak a few words in French and after a few months, you will feel more and more comfortable.

· My English is fluent so I can help you anytime you need if you have some doubts (for example, I can translate some words or give you some instructions in English if you need it). It can make our communication easier especially in the beginning.

· My lessons are economical, I have visited a lot of websites and compared what private tutors charge for Skype lessons and I have adjusted the price of my private lessons according to the ones that can be found online.

For further information about my methodology, my prices and my availability, please send me an e-mail to:




About Le monde du français

Cet article vous a plu ? Retrouvez-moi sur Skype dans des cours personnalisés et adaptés à vos besoins. Pour en savoir plus :
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